April 26-27, 2024

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April 26-27, 2024

April 26-27, 2024

Hosted by
Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church
Blacksburg, Virginia

(See ATTACHMENT A for Directions)

Attached Files

Attachment A Directions.docx
Attachment B PROPOSED DOCKET 81st Stated Meeting of Blue Ridge Presbytery.docx
Attachment C Treasurer's Report 2024 BRP MONTHLY REPORT_2024 03.xlsx
Attachment D-1 DRAFT MINUTES 80 STATED BRP Jan 26-27, 2024.docx
Attachment D-2 Bennett Installation Minutes.pdf
Attachment E Hernandez Indictment Draft 4-22-2024.docx
Attachment F-1 Copy of 2024 Budget Proposal for Shepherding Committee.xlsx
Attachment F-1A BRP Shepherding Committee Report 2024.pdf
Attachment F-2 Summary and Recommendations for BRP Reference from Christ Pres (2).docx
Attachment F-3 2024 Annual Presbytery Report Whited.pdf
Attachment F-4 Gembola OOB Report April 2024.pdf
Attachment G-Minutes 041524 BRP-CPC.pdf
Attachment H-1 Ward OOB report.docx
Attachment H-2 2024 Out of Bounds Report to the Presbytery of the Blue Ridge Burns.docx
Attachment H-3 Out of Bounds report 2024 Davis.docx
Attachment H-4 OOB 224 Lamos PDF.pdf
Attachment H-5 Borden OOB.docx
Attachment H-6 TraubPresbyteryReport2023.pdf
Attachment I-1 Stated Meeting March 21, 2024 LDC.docx
Attachment I-2 Test Wagner .zip
Attachment J RUF_Commitee Minutes_Feb 2024.docx
Attachment K-1 2024 BRP OOBR for April Mtg Hall.pdf
Attachment K-2 Holland OOB 2024.pdf
Attachment K-3 Out of Bounds Report for TE Jim Cunningham April 2024.docx
Attachment K-4 Seung Lee 2024 OB Report.docx