April 2019

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April 2019

62nd Stated Meeting of Blue Ridge Presbytery

April 26-27, 2019

Hosted by Reformed University Fellowship at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Meeting Friday night at War Memorial Chapel on the campus of Virginia Tech

Meeting Saturday at Grace Covenant PC in Blacksburg VA

Attached Files

Attachment A - Directions.docx
Attachment B - Proposed Docket - 62nd Stated Meeting of Blue Ridge Presbytery.docx
Attachment C - 2019 Treasurer's Report Apr.xlsx
Attachment D-1 - DRAFT MINUTES 61st BRP January 25.docx
Attachment D-2 - CALLED MEETING BRP March 9.docx
Attachment D-3 - Rpt of Commission to Ordain-Install Matthew Coplin.docx
Attachment E - 2018 BCO Amendments Sent Down to Presbyteries (Items 1-7).pdf
Attachment F-1 - OOB Holland 2019.docx
Attachment F-2 - Seung Lee 2018 OB Report.docx
Attachment F-3 - Out of Bounds Report JH.docx
Attachment F-4 - PBRReport2019.docx
Attachment F-5 - 2019 Annual OOB Report Scott.pdf
Attachment G-1 - ATA Spring '19 News.docx
Attachment G-2 - Out of Bounds Report for TE Jim Cunningham March 2019.docx
Attachment G-3 - Out of Bounds Report to the Presbytery of the Blue Ridge.docx
Attachment G-4 - Traub 2019 Presbytery Report.pdf
Attachment G-5 - Cain 2019 OOB Report.pdf
Attachment H - 2019 Annual Presbytery Report - Brian Whited.pdf
Attachment H-2 - 2019 April - BRCC Motion.pdf
Exam - Brown.zip
Exam - Gembola.zip
Exam - Little.pdf
Exam - Martin.zip
Exam - McLaughen.pdf