April 2017

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April 2017


April 28-29, 2017

Attached Files

1493158493wpdm_ATTACHMENT A.docx
PROPOSED DOCKET 54th Stated Meeting of Blue Ridge Presbytery.docx
2017 Treasurer
DRAFT MINUTES 53rd BRP January 27.docx
Rpt of Commission to Ordain-Install Bo Waldo.doc
Bradshaw Commission Minutes.docx
Nix.Judicial Commission minutes 1.28.17.docx
Rpt of Commission to Install Keith Peck.Assistant Pastor.Mercy Presbyterian Church.doc
Overture on Long Term Planning.docx
Overture BCO.docx
APPENDIX B - Explanatory notes regarding the Complaint.docx
APPENDIX E - Arguments for adoption of Complains.docx
New Complaint-BRP-Clements.pdf
APPENDIX C - Email to-from Roy Taylor (1).docx
APPENDIX F - Paper for Presbytery.docx
APPENDIX A - CCB advice to BRP.docx
APPENDIX D - Events preceding second filing of charges.docx
APPENDIX G - BCO Chapter 36 extracts.docx
Tax Resolution for TE Duncan Rankin.docx
BRP OOB report 0417.doc
Presbytery Report-JH.docx
Seung Lee 2016 OB Report.docx
2017 Annual OOB Report Scott.pdf
VA RUF CommitteeMinutes_Feb2017.docx
OOB Report for TE Gordon Woolard.docx
Out of Bounds Report for TE Jim Cunningham April 2017.docx
OOB Report for TE Terry Burns.docx
OOB Report from TE Eric Noll.docx
2017 Annual Presbytery Report - Brian Whited.pdf
Out of bounds report-Furman.docx
Breeden - Church History Exam.pdf
Breeden - PCA History Exam.pdf
Breeden - Sacrament Exam.pdf